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The Third Shield Pokemon GO PVP Podcast

This podcast was built from the frustration of players in the Go Battle PVP league and got the results and following by the love of players who dedicated to helping others get better! 


Oct 23, 2021

Best Teams & Practices in Pokemon Go Battle League with Legend and PVP GOD WallowerPogo himself:

Watch this episode on YouTube for hidden gems: 

0:00 Welcome Wallower
2:15 Halloween Cup
3:40 How to Build a Team
7:07 Goon Double Ghost

10:33 What's Your...

Sep 29, 2021

In this episode I sit back down with Jonkus! Who has hit the leaderboard every single season so far and then tanks because the queue times are just horrible. The reason why I am sharing this last part is because we talk about the issues of Competitive Pokemon Go and coming up with some fun...

Aug 31, 2021

In this episode of the Third Shield Pokemon Go PVP Podcast, I sit down with  @ThoTechtical  to find out his expectations of Season 9 and Go Battle League!

As always we had tons of fun talking about the game we love/hate so much because deep in our hearts we want it to be successful!


0:00 Welcome Back!It's been a...

Aug 6, 2021

Welcome Back, Ladies & Gentlemen! 

A quick update on the future of the podcast and Niantic Boycott! 

Jul 15, 2021

We talk about Pokemon Go Battle League, summarize the season so far and go over our favorite teams with some additional info for you to hit that Legend this season!

Then we JUMP INTO POKEMON UNITE! You want to stick around for it! HYPE!

0:00 Welcome Back  @Caleb Peng  &  @ZyoniK 
1:20 How is the Season so far?
3:45 We...